Christina Escobedo

(702) 756-1555

First Mutual Realty Group

4035 S. Tenaya Wy Ste 103 Las Vegas, NV 89147

To see the beautiful city of Las Vegas grow throughout my life has been truly an amazing experience much like my own life.  I was born in Honolulu Hawaii due to a job relocation of my family but was raised here in Las Vegas.  Like many natives, the connection that we have with our city is unique and often misunderstood.  I've been blessed to meet many great people that have made an impact in the growth of our city and I take those experiences to my real estate career.  Las Vegas has many amazing things to offer but what makes it truly unique, are the people and the story of their journeys which is how I love to connect with my clients.  The passion I bring to my real estate career is passion I've embraced and one that has helped me overcome many personal challenge throughout my life.

As a hopeless foodie : ) I love exploring all a great eateries and food options our city has to offer and if you're into health and wellness, well.. now you're speaking my language.  I love merging my knowledge, experiences and passions with my real estate career.  I fell in love with real estate when my husband shared something with me about real estate, and that is that real estate has nothing to do with real estate, but everything to do with connecting with people and helping them realize the next chapter of their lives and doing everything you can to help them fulfill it. 

I am committed to being that trusted ally on your side and becoming a friend along the real estate journey!