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Whether we are shopping for more space for your growing family in the residential housing market, expanding business in the commercial real estate market, fine-tuning your investment portfolio for passive income, or seek professional property management services the process can be nerve-wracking.  Experienced in the process or not, chances are you will go through a range of emotions including doubt, anxiousness, and excitement throughout… The key to managing these emotions is to anticipate them and arm yourself with as much applicable data available.  The goal is to make rational self-serving decisions.   


That is where I can help! 


As your licensed real estate agent and advocate, I recognize and value the trust (my clients) you place in me, and I work every day to exceed your expectations.   I will work diligently with you on your prerequisites.  I am here to service you and your family’s needs.  


I have a degree in Business Management but got my education with one of the largest luxury hospitality / entertainment businesses in the world.  For approximately 30-years, I was considered the SME (subject matter expert) for customer service, training, operations, compliance etc., while heading one of the largest revenues generating departments in the United States for that industry.  This knowledge, coupled with my experience as a real estate investor provide valuable skills used daily as your advocate in any real estate transaction including and not limited to negotiations, educating homebuyers and sellers, marketing listings, managing properties, credit counseling etc.   


We at First Mutual Realty Group recognize your home as your safe place! the center of your family’s universe and a place to celebrate your life’s story.  Because we are client focused and customer service oriented, we understand and respect the significance of your investment and the goals of long-term financial freedom.  First Mutual Realty Group works attentively to ensure the process is as anticipatory and stress-free as humanly possible.  “We build relationships through outstanding results” …  



Don’t gamble with your future… Call me at First Mutual Realty and ensure a winning strategy!

- Steve Lockhart

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